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Stephen Fry: Happy Birthday to GNU

The great Stephen Fry explains what free software means and celebrates the 25. birthday of GNU.

If he got you interested what free software is all about, here are some sites you might want to visit:

  • He recommends the gNewSense operating system. The most widely used operating system based on Linux is probably Ubuntu/Kubuntu. It’s not completely licensed under the GPL but definitely one of the most advanced operating systems you can get.
  • If replacing a whole operating system sounds too scary, you can start with installing some programs:
    • Firefox (alternative to Internet Explorer)
    • Thunderbird (alternative to Outlook)
    • OpenOffice (alternative to MS-Office)
    • GIMP (alternative to Photoshop)
    • VLC (alternative to Windows Media Player)
    • And if you didn’t find a replacement you’re looking for, visit the GNU site.

Those programs are all free of charge. And especially Firefox and VLC are far better than their Microsoft counterpart. Just give it a try.


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