A while ago I was looking for a site which is a ressource for great speeches and presentations. Sure, there’s TED and some YouTube Channels. And occasionally there are some excellent speeches in one of the many public speaking blogs. But I would’ve missed many great talks if I hadn’t been looking for them on my own.

So, I hope this blog might help all of you who are looking for a ressource like this to improve your public speaking skills.


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Note that none of the media files are hosted on this site. If you have reason to believe, that the media files are distributed illegally, please contact the distributor directly, so that they can take the appropriate steps. Contacting the distributor directly is the only effective way to deal with situations like copyright infrigement. And before taking any action, please watch this video. Or just read the following quote from Matt Mason:

If throwing lawsuits at your fans becomes a core component of your business model, then you no longer have a good business model. Unless you’re a lawyer.


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